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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Heath tips daily

Ramban is a medicine, celery, these 12 problems will never be eaten daily.

Celery is used to enhance taste in food, but do you know you can also use it to get rid of small health problems.  Yes, apart from minor troubles like colds and colds, it is also a panacea for liver problems.

 Let us tell you some such benefits of celery, after which you will also start consuming it.

 Lose weight

 Soak 1 teaspoon celery in 1 glass of water at night.  In the morning filter it and take it with honey.  This will boost metabolism and burn fat, which will reduce your enlarged stomach.

Digestive disturbances

 If there is any disturbance in the digestive system, taking celery with whey provides relief.  Chewing celery or eating its water will eliminate acidity, constipation problem.

 Irregular periods

 If periods are not coming on time, then consume this water daily.  This will also not cause stomach pain, cramps and back pain during menstruation.

 Relieve joint pain

 It also provides relief from joint, back and back pain.  Not only this, eating celery with black salt kills stomach worms.

 Urine infusion

 Drinking 1 cup of celery water daily will also remove urin infarction problem.  Also, drinking 1 cup of celery water every day keeps blood circulation right.

 Good for breast feeding

 Celery water is very beneficial for breast feeding women because of its breast milk production properties.

 Control cholesterol

 Consumption of this water in pregnancy keeps cholesterol and BP under control.  Also, it reduces pain during delivery.


 Drinking celery water daily reduces the risk of diabetes.  Also, blood sugar level is also under control.

 Liver problem

 If there is any type of problem in the liver, mix 3 grams of celery and half a gram salt and eat it with food.

 Cough and sore throat

 Add 2 pinches of black salt to celery juice and consume it.  After this drink hot water.  This will cure cough.

 Cold fever

 Grind celery and tie it in a cloth and then smell it throughout the day.  Apart from this, boiling a little celery in water and drinking it also cures the problem of cold-fever.

 Headache relief

 If you also have frequent headaches, boil celery in water and drink it lukewarm.  This will give comfort.

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